Why Join Us


Transport facilities at nominal charges are available for the Institute students and staffs. The institution has it’ sown bus to afford communication. Besides private mode of transport are readily available always.

Canteen & Stores:

The college canteen offers variety of snacks, cold drinks, Tiffins and meals. The Institute stores provide all sports of stationary items, toiletries and essential utensils like buckets, mugs etc.

Fitness Center: 

This 1000 square feet fitness center is equipped with a multipurpose Gym and other light training equipment to build an energetic and healthy body.


For daily necessities and groceries, one can walk down to the local Market. The market at Chitrada also has medicine stores, tailoring shops, bookshops and facilities for photocopying, DTP and other various shops etc.


There are one UPHC and two nos of PHCs are adjacent to the Institute. Chitrada PHC is Half km from the Institute and Morada PHC and Kisantandi UPHC is 5 KM away from the Institute. The Medicals are well communicated.

Sweepers clean the hostels every day. Electrician and carpenters are available from 10 am to 4 pm. The atmosphere in the hostel is conducive to the development of the cosmopolitan outlook. Owing to the national character of the Institute and its hostel, the students developed integrated personalities over a period of harmonies living in the hostel.